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Front-to-back execution, order management, and data platform for institutions to trade and manage their exposures in DeFi. Skolem’s purpose-built infrastructure and unique interface layer provide clients with reliable execution, an easy-to-use web UI and API, and full trade lifecycle support.

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Skolem is a full-stack institu­tional plat­form for DeFi

The world's most secure and reliable institutional DeFi platform, available via web UI or REST API

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Trade tokens or automate orders with the best prices across decentralized exchanges

Reliability Reliable

Skolem's redundant node architecture ensures reliability, particularly during periods of extreme network volatility.

Order Automation Order Automation

Submit automated orders using Skolem's TWAP capabilities to enable more sophisticated trades

Protection Protection

Mitigate externalities through Skolem's execution rails, which provide frontrunning protection and reduced slippage

Yield Farming

Yield Farming

Generate yield by staking, lending, or providing liquidity on DeFi protocols using Skolem's execution rails

Access Access

Mix and match yield opportunities to meet your portfolio's goals by accessing pre-vetted DeFi protocols offering varying levels of risk, liquidity, and lockup periods

Market Tiles Market Tiles

Access Skolem's clean interface with clear market metrics for multiple natively integrated decentralized applications

Multi-chain Multi-chain

Multi-chain compatibility, starting with EVM-compatible Layer 2s



Simulate transactions on the virtual EVM before you approve a transaction to get full visibility into future smart contract interactions and flow of funds

Security Security

Verify the integrity of smart contract interactions and flow of funds to understand and mitigate risks prior to executing trades

Compliance Compliance

Conduct efficient investigations into your transactions before you execute them

Smart Contract Risk Smart Contract Risk

Analyze smart contract code to detect bugs or vulnerabilities before you interact with decentralized applications



Utilize Skolem's robust on-chain data capabilities to monitor markets, evaluate strategies, and mitigate risks in real-time

Query Query

Use Skolem's Excel plug-in to query market metrics using on-chain data with high ease of use

Monitor Monitor

Monitor markets and liquidity pools in real-time to gain visibility into asset reserves, pool compositions, yield, and token flows

Defend Defend

Set up automated alerts to be informed of risky activities, such as depegging events or protocol compromises



Bolster your DeFi accounting capabilities, reduce back-office pain points, and seamlessly deploy user and account controls

Accounting Accounting

Gather accurate data on positions with full transaction history, point-in-time balances, and mark-to-market support

User Management User Management

Deploy user and account controls with hierarchical access for administrators, traders, or auditors

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